Border closure: ECOWAS sends message to Nigeria, Benin, Niger


This was made known in the final communiqué read by Mr Jean-Claude Brou, President of the ECOWAS Commission and made available to the media on Monday in Abuja.

The Authority tasked the Tripitite Ministerial Committee of the three countries to speed up negotiations.

On the free movement of persons and goods, ECOWAS reiterated the need for all Member States to fully implement the Protocol on Free Movement as it relates to the rights of entry, residence and establishment.

The Authority noted the challenges of the implementation of the protocol of Free Movement of Persons and Goods arising from the partial closure of the Nigerian land borders to goods.

Contained in the communiqué, the Heads of States and Government also encouraged the ECOWAS Commission, in collaboration with members to step up efforts for the implementation of regional infrastructure project.

This, they explained, was with a view to opening up some countries, ensuring seamless intra-community trade and improving security.

The Authority also took note of the request of support of Member States applying for positions in International and Regional organizations and vacancies reserved for ECOWAS Member States at the United Nations in 2020.



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