EPL: Mikel Arteta reveals final decision on Ljungberg staying at Arsenal


He said that they have held positive discussions after Saturday’s match at Everton.

The goalless draw at Everton was Ljungberg’s sixth and final game as the interim head coach.

He will now return to a back-room position.

Experienced former England, Newcastle, Everton and Manchester United assistant Steve Round will also be among its number.

“I spoke to Freddie after the game,” Arteta was quoted by the Guardian.

“I told him my idea and the people I wanted to bring to form my coaching staff, their roles and responsibilities of each of them.

“I wanted to know what he was feeling, I wanted to know what he had in mind, what his expectations were.

“We talked and we made a decision that the best thing was for him to stay with us. I think he can be very available.

“I think he knows the players, he knows the situation, he knows the history of where we’re coming from and also his knowledge of the game is going to really help us to be better.”



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