COZA, Davido under attack over viral video


Davido in the viral video posted by Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo on his official Instagram page was seen with a young girl advertising the program.

However, Davido denied having knowledge of the video, explaining that he just made a video for a fan for personal use and had no idea it was going to be used for an advert.

He threatened to take the case further if COZA and those involved do not take down the video, adding that he has nothing to do with the church.

But some Nigerians on social media queried the authenticity of Davido’s response, adding that there was no way the video was used without his consent.

Also, some took a swipe at Biodun Fatoyinbo for using Davido who is a secular artiste to publicize a church program.

Meanwhile, Fatoyinbo has taken down the video posted on his page earlier.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter;

@UgoIkeakor “Biko who advised Davido to record this promotional video for COZA 12 days of Glory? Totally disappointed. You people should do better. Biodun Fatoyinbo we see your PR work with Davido, but the world knows who you’re.

@Fisayosoyombo “There’s a BIG value deficit issue at COZA. It doesn’t add up that a church uses a secular artiste like
to promote a 12-day prog of “fasting, intense worship, consecration, ballistic prayers and miracles”.This mismatch is more worrying than Davido’s disowning of COZA.”

@Omojuwa “He said he didn’t give consent. But interestingly, COZA CEO Fatoyinbo has removed the video from his IG page. If Davido gave them consent, why would he remove it? And I watched the video, it’s easy to see how Davido could have been used without knowing what was going on.”

@UgwunnaEjikem “I honestly don’t get why folks still attend/defend COZA after all these stunts, why would they even wanna use Davido to promote a church event whether original or doctored. As for Davido on a critical look, it’s hard to believe that video was doctored he should try another scope.”

@Yakafachan “While Davido’s explanation may not fit, it is important to note the real victory here. What is the real victory? That Biodun Fatoyinbo And COZA are such a tarnished brand that people will jump through hoops to dissociate themselves from both.I consider this victory.”

@Torresblog24 “Meanwhile DAVIDO doing PR work for COZA is not a bad thing, for me it’s just a means of evangelism, most of Davido fans will attend the program.”

@Pastor_CVB “COZA never trends for the right reasons and that alone is a shame. From one shameful act to another.What an organization.”

@TheIjebu_badoo “COZA wan use Davido launder their reputation. 12 days of glory ko, 12 days of glory osei ni. Glory ki them there, awon olofo!

@Adunni_Achebe “COZA can never trend for the right reasons. What’s worrisome is not that they allegedly used Davido’s video without his consent, but that they’re using a secular artist to promote a church program.
I could be wrong but I think that’s like having Mia Khalifa promote Shiloh.

@_Orogbene “Whether Davido agreed to promote COZA or not is not even my own bone of contention. My own is the fact that a church organized a competition for who can promote their program the most, with a handsome reward at that. The desperation to shove this COZA down our throats is real.



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