Girls, stop aborting great destinies


May your anointing ever flow even like a river. Please don’t be tired telling these kids the righteous ways. You’re making a lot more impact than you will ever know! May the Lord continue to empower your ministry and person.


Harrison Adams


My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,


I keep receiving messages from pregnant girls over and over again telling me they want to go for an abortion as they can’t cope with the pain and trauma that would come with the pregnancy! After convincing them not to terminate the pregnancy, they come back and tell me they just had an abortion! Like they just took paracetamol to cure their headaches!Do these girls ever think of the future? Do they have any conscience at all? When I emphasise the importance of sexual purity, a good number of you send me wonderful messages thanking me for ‘saving your lives,’ only for some of you huge fans to turn your backs against my counsels!


Here’s what one of my mentees sent to me after I encouraged her to keep another pregnancy to no avail! She wasn’t even sure who’s it was at first! Read her“He gave me native medicine to drink and told me that it makes pregnant women to be strong and healthy. I took the medicine and after a short while, I began feeling excruciating pains in my stomach such that I couldn’t even walk. Before I knew it, I was bleeding and he drove me to Maitama hospital! When we got there, I was given an injection and three drips (intravenous fluid) then my system became calm.


After the third one, some sharp instruments that looked like iron and scissors were inserted in me to bring out blood from my body. That’s how I aborted it ma.”



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  • Ayomide Samuel Aina December 15, 2019 09:48:10 PM
    Yes ooo nice update
  • Peter Daniel December 11, 2019 10:33:49 PM
    Please Tell them, they don't know.
  • Daniel Forcha December 11, 2019 08:18:54 PM
    tell them please
  • Charles paul Ikpade December 11, 2019 08:56:58 AM
    Thanks to God
  • Ogbonna valentine ugonna December 9, 2019 04:33:57 AM
    Nice update
  • Alechenu John Zion December 5, 2019 07:52:31 PM
    All to the glory of God
  • Kayode A peter December 3, 2019 12:02:54 AM
    They should also abstain from unwanted sex
  • Bright Lawal November 23, 2019 02:05:44 PM
    Okay. That's cool. Thanks to God
  • oyelami Grace November 22, 2019 12:09:31 PM
    thanks for the advice
  • Ekpemogu Emmanuel chinazunwa November 21, 2019 01:56:40 PM
    Nice site 👍👍
  • Mtu Prisca November 19, 2019 02:09:13 PM
    great advice ma, thanks
  • Henry ifeanyi Ogbuu November 14, 2019 08:03:25 AM
    Interesting oo
  • Praise Anuoluwapo November 12, 2019 07:37:25 PM
    Very well ma
  • Onoko Daniel November 8, 2019 01:36:02 AM
    So very true
  • Larry Damie November 6, 2019 04:44:41 PM
    They should stop o
  • Akeem ridwan November 4, 2019 05:40:50 PM
    that's a great advice
  • Akeem ridwan November 4, 2019 05:40:40 PM
    that's a great idea
  • Joanne unuame November 4, 2019 02:05:06 PM
    Good advice
  • Nurudeen Biliamin November 1, 2019 06:26:51 AM
    Nice update
  • Ogbonna John November 1, 2019 01:12:25 AM
    Good advice
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